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Zen Garden


Right in the middle of the greenery, Hotel Rivamare is a small relaxation oasis between sea and lagoon. The ambiance is one of tranquility, thanks to large rooms decorated in style, and the friendly and caring touch of the Salmasi family four generations in the hospitality business.

Wicker, lace, a profusion of green plants in bloom, old prints and sepia photographs recreate a very special family atmosphere. This is evident as soon as you step in the reception that stays open from 8am until midnight. You will find the same friendly atmosphere throughout: in the hall, the TV room with pretty wicker sofas and coffee tables, and in thebar reserved for clients that also stays open from 8am to midnight. The continental breakfast is served as a buffet in the spacious and bright room which gives to a luxuriant terrace.
During the summer season the lush green terrace is the perfect place for relaxation, reading or conversation.

Holistic Wellbeing Program (PDF) >>>
The family atmosphere and energy at Hotel Rivamare have always made each and every guest feel at home. With this same kindness, we have recently begun working with the Ki6 OSHO Mediation Center, located on the garden floor of our hotel, one of the most beloved 3 star hotels in Venice. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to try innovative meditation methods and techniques, participate in interior growth groups and seminars or simply let yourself be swept away by our services for your Wellbeing.



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'In 1938, a large part of the island of Lido was sandy beaches, woods, farms and buildings under construction. It was then that my grandparents had the courage to open a new business on the beach: Hotel Rivamare. During WWII, German officials requisitioned the hotel and, when the Allies came, the Australians took the Germans place. My grandfather told me that 'he stole food, hens and cigarettes from the officials' rooms, the pantry and the hotel garden and gave it to his friends and relatives. The war ended and the building was renovated and expanded. My father and his brother, along with their wives, modernized the building in the 1980s. I remember them in the reception area. They were pretending not to notice while us kids peeked out at them as we played, hiding in the furniture. In 2001, right before the recession following the attack on the Twin Towers, the last big renovation work was completed.

The fact that it is a mirror to the past and our various personal touches have created the friendly energy of Rivamare. Today, this is my life and my personal growth is reflected in it. My children and grandchildren enjoy this huge home where we welcome travelers looking for themselves and looking to explore Venice.

We look forward to
seeing you
Aleema Micaela